Málaga and Caminito del Rey

Tens of thousands of Brits must pass through Málaga airport for the Costa del Sol every year but I’m pretty sure that relatively few of them get to appreciate Málaga for the historic and culture-rich city that it is. Just as with the Canary Islands and Mallorca the popular beach resorts give the area it’s reputation in the UK, but actually in both the city and the hinterland there are Spanish and world-class cultural and scenic pleasures to be experienced.


One such attraction is the infamous Caminito del Rey, which fortunately is no longer quite what it was! The path, previously known as ‘the world’s most dangerous walkway’ because there were five deaths from falls all within a couple of years, is partially pinned to the walls of a narrow gorge. It had fallen into disrepair (which no doubt made it more enticing for thrill seekers) but has now been fully renovated into a totally safe but nevertheless enjoyable tourist attraction.

The footpath entry, which is near to Ardales in Málaga province, can be accessed from either of two foot tunnels. The larger has a longer (though very scenic) walk to the entry, while the smaller provides quicker access but is less suitable if you have a serious aversion to subterranean rambling!

the light at the end of the tunnel

the light at the end of the tunnel

the new walkway is built just above the old one

the new walkway is built just above the old one


The footpath finally emerges from the south end of the gorge and, being pinned to the enormous cliff face at El Chorro, offers a suitable climax to an exhilarating walk.